What was it like?


"Olivia gave me the best massage I have ever had, and I have had a lot of massages. Olivia possesses a healing touch that transcends the standard clinical muscle rub into that of a deep healing experience. If you are looking for a massage therapist to work with on a regular basis, look no further than Olivia! You will be so glad you did."  - N. Y.

"I had to stop running until I saw Olivia for myofascial work on my legs. I was able to start again the day after that first treatment! I now see her as a regular part of my training." - W. D.

"I have seen Olivia for various ailments over the years, low back, tight hamstrings, headaches, rotator cuff problems. I return to her again and again for her technical skill but also for her intuitiveness. She has consistently been able to decrease my pain and almost always has something to send me home with, a stretch or exercise that I can do to help myself." -J. L.


"I went to Olivia for over a year for monthly massage therapy sessions and she did great work.  Her sessions were an important part of my physical and mental health therapy routine and I highly recommend her!  Olivia's pressure was consistently strong enough to deal with my sore muscles be it from exercise or from sitting at a desk too long.  She would inquire about special needs or problems and target areas as needed.  Sadly, I have since moved out of the area and can no longer enjoy the benefits of seeing Olivia.  She is a wonderful practitioner and I will be extremely fortunate to find someone of her caliber in my new home."  -P. S.

"Yesterday I went back to the hot yoga class I attended right before our last session. For the first time EVER I could twist my left arm to hold my foot properly to do Standing Bow pose. This is a direct result of our work together, and I am so grateful for the progress I've made it just two sessions with you." -R. S.

"Olivia is a compassionate and intuitive healer. Her healing sessions create a shift in the mind and body, helping you release blocked energies and limiting beliefs. Sessions with Olivia are a gift that will help you live more peacefully and reach your goals. I highly recommend her!" - E.S.